My mission is to co-create personal transformation that ripples out into human consciousness.

There’s more to mentoring women through transition than just certificates and diploma’s. While those are very important in order to not cause more trauma, lived experience and personal testimony are the key to successful co-creating.

Mentoring isn’t for everyone.

It’s geared toward a very specific woman. One who has done some work on healing her trauma(s) but could use a guide who can motivated her and direct her to the dream life she desires.

  • Have you experienced childhood trauma(s) that keep showing up in relationships even though you’ve been to therapy?
  • Are you clear about the kind of life you want to live?
  • Do you have clearly defined values, boundaries, goals, and results?
  • Do you have a strong connection to your life’s purpose?
  • Are you living an audacious life?

If you struggle with finding the answers to these questions, maybe a guide & mentor is just what you need. It may be me, it may not be. But what if everything you could ever dream of (and more) is just on the other side of a phone call and a commitment to yourself to do the work?

I’m not going to mislead you, this work is hard and emotional and sometimes we’re just not ready to go there – and that’s okay.

But if you’re ready to get raw, emotional and ready to embrace the truths of your life experience, then let’s have a conversation. Your higher self is waiting for you to get started!

The Important Certifications/Diplomas

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) PractitionerCertified
Master Life Coach/Spiritual Life CoachCertified
Community & Developmental Service WorkerDiploma
Mental Health First AidCertified
Crisis InterventionCertified
Law of Attraction CoachCertified
Master Reiki PractitionerCertified
Yoga InstructorCTAA Certified
Psychic & MediumVerified
Master HerbalistCertified