Core Values

aka ‘The Magick’

white flower on white ceramic vase

“Experiences shape us into who we are meant to be.

When you look back at them them, you will discover your personal (fundamental) values.

Your greatest job is to uncover what they are and then live your life in alignment with them.

This will bring you great purpose and abundance.

Your soul is here to grow”

~ Coach Angela

Personal Core Values

Even though I now live a life of my own creation, I grew up with an abusive alcoholic step-father, an emotionally unavailable mother, inside of a religious cult. This created a life of unpleasant experiences/memories which effected my life and the life of my daughters for many, many years.

But now I get to use my values and life lessons to help others navigate the pain of their traumatic childhood, discover their ‘soul seed’, and transform their lives into something they could never imagine (or recognize).


Transcendence and Transformation is the act of recovering from our trauma’s, embracing change and challenges, and having the courage to evolve into greatness.


When we step into our authenticity we automatically find choice and freedom; we audaciously forgive ourselves and others; we move into connection and unconditional love – for ourselves and anyone we welcome into our inner circle. By being authentic and audacious in our lives we can also be compassionate to others, fully accepting them for who they are.


Self-Actualization is the complete realization of one’s potential as it manifests in peak experiences which involve the full development of one’s abilities and appreciation for life. To achieve a level where we experience joy, even when we’re in the midst of challenge; health, even as we age; and transparency so that others can be ‘healed’ also. It creates a vibrational ripple out into the world and is our greatest work: using our lives to positively impact others.

Your past experiences are the breadcrumbs that will create meaning, value and purpose in your life. Suffering ceases to be suffering the moment it finds a meaning.

I invite you to contact me today so that you can start creating your most audacious life.